Farm to Lunch Harvests Reach 2,700 students!

The Farm to Lunch program, where students plant, harvest and eat organic produce grown on Mountain View school campuses, ended the school year with 400 pounds of cool season veggies harvested and 2,700 students enjoying delicious dishes prepared by Mountain View Whisman School District chef Bob Mencimer. Living Classroom garden manager Patti Berryhill spearheads the Farm to Lunch program and teaches the students from the Beyond the Bell afterschool programs at Crittenden and Theuerkauf schools, how to plant, maintain, harvest and wash the produce which is taken immediately to the school districts kitchen for serving to students the next day. She also organized 13 different taste testings rotating to every school in the District where students learned about where the special dishes, like sautéed bok choy or kale salad, came from.

As the Farm to Lunch program will have a full 2016-17 school year to grow and harvest (last year started in November, this year we finished warm season plantings in June) we are planning to about double the produce harvested and hold many more taste testings to reach almost every one of the 5,000 plus students in Mountain View.

Thank you to the El Camino Healthcare District Community Benefit program for funding the Farm to Lunch program and to the Mountain View Whisman School District kitchen staff for preparing wonderful dishes from the school grown produce!