Oak Avenue Elementary

Oak Avenue Elementary School

logo oak avenueOak School has three separate educational gardens. The quarter-acre Native Plant/ Creative Play Garden was completed in August 2005 and features California native species such as redwood, incense cedar, big leaf maple, western sycamore, western redbud, valley and coast live oak, and buckeye trees and an extensive array of bushes, grasses and flowers representative of several California Native Plant communities. With meandering paths, boulders, a sand play pit, play area, a redwood amphitheater, and an old fashioned hand-pump and dry creek bed, this is a popular play area during recess as well as a valuable educational garden used for the study of ecology and habitats. The garden and neighboring redwood trees also provide an official Western Bluebird Trail and features cavity nester bird boxes, which are monitored each spring by students. The boxes have been used by many bluebird and chickadee families! The garden is also an official Certified Wildlife Habitat site by the National Wildlife Federation. The Oak Edible Garden is a separate garden near the lunch tables equipped with irrigated planter boxes, planter beds, and a greenhouse. It is used for classroom experiments as well as supervised activities during lunchtime called the "Nature Zone" run by parent volunteers. At the Nature Zone, students plant, harvest and eat the food they grow. Lastly, a small Kindergarten garden includes a few planter boxes and a teepee for growing beans and peas. Food waste is recycled through vermicomposting (worms) and the worm castings are then used to enrich the soil.

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