Almond Elementary

Almond Elementary School

logo almondThe Almond School Native Habitat garden, located just behind the office and multipurpose room, was completed in May 2009 and features plants from the chaparral, oak woodland and grassland plant communities. It includes Blue Oak, California Buckeye and Western Redbud tress, many colorful shrubs and flowers, a seating bench, dry creek bed, wheelchair accessible pathway and an observation posting area for student plant and wildlife observations. This garden was primarily funded through a rebate by the Santa Clara Valley Water District because water thirsty grass was removed and replaced with drought tolerant native plants. This garden is used for a wide range of life science lessons in multiple grades and serves as a quiet place to observe the plants and the wildlife it attracts such as butterflies, hummingbirds and bees. All classroom planter boxes are planted for Living Classroom lessons as well.

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